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Magnets are produced without magnetization at the time of manufacture, indicating that the magnetic domains inside the magnet are randomly oriented and therefore do not show a magnetic flux value somewhere outside the magnet.
In order to show the magnetic flux outside the magnet, we use another permanent magnet or solenoid coil to provide a strong magnetic field to the magnet to rotate the magnet internal magnetic direction so that the direction of pointing in the same direction.
The strong magnetic field can also be produced by a special magnetization method according to customer requirements produced by the fixture, and by the magnetic field between magnetic poles generated magnetic field used by the magnetic time can be a few seconds or only 5 milliseconds, When the magnetic field is strong enough, the magnetization time will be shorter.
Chun-hui has all the magnetization technology, solenoid and power fixture supporting diameter of 150mm, length of 200mm magnet magnetization, multi-polar magnetization of the magnet need to make the corresponding special fixture. Multi-pole magnet magnetization fixture cost of several thousand dollars, usually, the establishment of simulation fixture (for experimental purposes only) for magnetization, to carry out engineering estimates.